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Ten Business Aviation young professionals
serve as delegates to 2018 One Young World Summit

The Business Aviation industry in Europe is being represented by 10 dynamic, young professionals at the 2018 One Young World Summit, taking place 17-20 October in The Hague, Netherlands. The delegation is joining over 1,800 exceptional young leaders to debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for pressing issues such as sustainability, education and access to healthcare.


What is Business Aviation?

We all use many names: private jets, corporate aviation, air taxi, and, most recently, flying cars! One thing’s for sure: Business Aviation is flying smart.

By providing safe, secure, flexible and tailored, door-to-door air transport options that connect and empower people, Business Aviation really is a means for Expanding Horizons. Learn more at



With the exception of Concorde, which retired from service in 2003, civil aircraft have been flying at roughly the same subsonic speed since the dawn of the jet transport era 60 years ago. Aerion wants to change that.


the way you travel

Business Aviation makes business sense. On any holistic cost/benefit analysis, flying with Business Aviation versus other forms of commercial air transport, can save companies money and significantly boost both in-travel productivity and executive well-being.


There is so much
more to Business Aviation

“Since joining Luxaviation Belgium almost three years ago, my view on Business Aviation has evolved quite significantly,” says Nicolas Kroll, Project Manager at Luxaviation Belgium, and one of the 10 delegates who represented the Business Aviation industry at One Young World 2018.


Business Aviation is opening to
diverse types of users

“My experience in the industry has made me most passionate about the service itself, used both as a travel solution and an investment strategy through time-saving and work efficiency on board,” says Maureen Gautier, Associate at The Air Law Firm, and one of the 10 delegates who represented the Business Aviation industry at One Young World 2018.


An industry supporting
flexibility and diversity of careers

“Working in the Business Aviation industry is really fascinating. The industry is so unpredictable that you need to adapt every day,” says Julie Audouit, Chief Operating Officer for Time 2 Fly, and one of the 10 delegates who represented the Business Aviation industry at One Young World 2018.


Shaping the
future of Business Aviation

“Working in Business Aviation has allowed me to develop various skills in a dynamic and innovative environment while expanding my knowledge about private aviation,” says Charlotte de Beaumont, Marketing Manager Europe at PrivateFly, and one of the 10 delegates who represented the Business Aviation industry at One Young World 2018.



"Making an industry-wide effort for change would not only inspire younger generations to work for the aviation industry, but also attract potential customers as well," says Patrick Müry, Dispatcher and Charter Sales Executive at Cat Aviation AG Zurich, and one of the Business Aviation industry’s 10 Delegates to One Young World 2018.


Showing the world what Business
Aviation can do

"Business Aviation should be known – and appreciated – for its accessibility, flexibility, and innovation that it provides its users," says Laura Gambell, Marketing Communications Manager for Air Service Basel, and one of the Business Aviation industry’s 10 Delegates to One Young World 2018.


Helping Young Professionals
Break into Business Aviation

“To attract more young professionals to Business Aviation, we need to show more students what we are doing and what this unique industry has to offer,” suggests Mathijs Marttin, Maintenance Controller and Deputy Duty Manager at JetSupport, and one of the Business Aviation industry’s 10 Delegates to One Young World 2018.


Business Aviation
is the perfect solution

“My first step into the aviation world was back in 1989 when I first joined the Danish Air Force. It was the best decision I ever made,” says Charlotte Pedersen, CEO of Luxaviation Helicopters, part of the Luxaviation Group.


Providing Special Mission Services
To Support Those In Need

‘The challenging part of this business is that we do not know where our aircraft will be flying the day after tomorrow,’ says Siegried Axtmann, Chairman of FAI Aviation Group.


Time is money: that
represents Business Aviation

‘I love this job because every day is something different. I need challenges in my work, and I can find that in Business Aviation, because every day is a surprise,’ says Jean-David Lanckneus, Operation Control Center Flight Dispatcher with ASL Group.


Every day is

I’ve been interested in working for an airline since I was a child. Taking large groups of people from A to B, seeing new destinations; I want to see the world, says Charlotte Dielman, Certified Independent Flight Instructor.


It's exciting and ever-changing

I always dreamt of being a pilot, but my career path didn’t take me there directly, says Cecilie Oyas, Head of US Operations and Pilot at Stratajet.


My business depends on access

When I started with Channel IT in 2003, I was using commercial aviation. Four years later I switched to Business Aviation, and it has now become indispensable to my business. Here’s why, explains Bassim Haidar, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Channel IT Group.


Combining a passion for flying and a desire to save lives

An intensive care anaesthetist in a hospital, I am also incredibly lucky to work in an air ambulance team. I have done this for nearly 40 years, starting out as a young medical student and now I am Medical Director, responsible for medical evacuations. My job allows me to combine the best of both worlds: a passion for flying and a desire to save lives, explains Dr. Hamida Chaouky, Medical Director at Airlec Médical.


I get to work with the most advanced aircraft on the market

I’ve always had a strong interest in aviation and started working in that field when I was 17. I spent 23 years in military aviation before joining NetJets in 2008 as an avionics manager. In 2015, I became the head of engineering, explains Paulo Pestana, Head of Engineering, NetJets.


Passengers are my priority

I’ve been working in Business Aviation for the past 10 years. I started off as a Customer Service Agent (CSR) with Universal Aviation, and since 2014 I’ve been with Signature Flight Support, based at Dublin Airport, says Fiona Madden, Customer Service Agent at Signature Flight Support.


Every mission is special

I’ve been working in aviation for 10 years. After managing a major flight school in Belgium, I joined Business Aviation in 2013 both as a pilot and as a safety manager for ASL / JetNetherlands – and I’ve never regretted that decision, explains Maxime Wauters, Pilot and Safety Manager at ASL/JetNetherlands.


Business Aviation is a career enabler

Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice President of the Daher Airplane Business Unit


“Keep aircraft flying, keep hope alive
and keep families together”

The Children’s Air Ambulance is the newest tenant of London Oxford Airport, in the United Kingdom. The organization uses the airport as a hub for their work with NHS (National Health Service) partners across the south of the country on missions using one of its two intensive care-equipped helicopters.


New EBAA report surveys Millennials

Environmentally-friendly aircraft, ride-sharing and the ability to fly when and where you want: these are the expectations of Millennials when it comes to flying, according to a new survey published by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).
(that's billion!) euros in output
hrs saved per flight (in 20% of flights)
medical flights in 2017


Why Business
Aviation Matters

A symbol of European excellence, Business Aviation is a dynamic sector which fosters technical innovation and environmental stewardship across the full value chain, from manufacturers to operators. It provides highly skilled jobs and increases economic growth both within the industry and the local communities around the airports.