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Rethink the way you travel

Crowded airports, long security checks, chaotic boardings and long waits. There is a more efficient, time-saving and flexible way to fly.

Business Aviation empowers you to go wherever life takes you, on a schedule specifically tailored to your needs.

You save time

Each trip can save you on average 2 hours compared with a commercial flight, so you can get home sooner. All of the time saved adds up, meaning you can avoid the inconvenience and added cost of overnight stays.

It’s tailored to you

When you charter a business aircraft, you call the shots! What time do you need to depart? What amenities do you require on board? On a business aircraft, you can fly closest to your destination by taking advantage of Europe’s many regional airports. Need to visit multiple destinations in a very short timeframe? No problem. Business Aviation provides tailored, flexible, point-to-point connectivity. A business aircraft is your Time Machine.

Get more done

With access to the latest in-air technology, and free from distractions, you and your colleagues will be 20% more productive in flight. A business aircraft is your office in the sky!

It’s your private space

Take comfort in knowing that you can work on sensitive issues and hold confidential meetings throughout your flight. Your privacy is respected and protected. Always.

Enjoy a new level of service

The golden age of flight is still here, and it’s called Business Aviation. Enjoy the privacy and space to work and relax en route to your destination.

There is one fundamental difference between booking commercial flights versus Business Aviation flights – customization. When booking a business aircraft, the entire process is centred around you and your schedule.

3 Steps to Book a Charter

  1. 01. Search online for terms such as "business aircraft charter" or contact a business aircraft charter operator or broker.
  2. 02. Provide the details of your trip: number of travellers, start and end destination, preferred time and preference for type of aircraft (if you have one).
  3. 03. Because Business Aviation is tailored to your precise needs, you will - depending on the service provider - receive an immediate quote or will be contacted directly with a custom quote.