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A new vision for the future

“Young professionals have an idealistic view of what we should do in the future,” says Sus Dierckx, Sales and Quality Assistant at Flying Group and one of the 10 delegates to represent the business aviation industry at One Young World 2021.

Business aviation is an invaluable industry that connects people and regions in a way that cannot be facilitated through other means of transportation. Think about adopted children not being able to travel to their new homes due to a pandemic, or a corporation that requires its employees to travel safely within conflict zones. These are real-life situations in which the complex puzzle of society is missing a piece, and it is precisely where Business aviation fits perfectly due to the tailor-made nature and the high level of flexibility. As a result, Business aviation plays the role of a facilitator to further enhance the connectedness of our society.

Young professionals like myself have the tendency to question incumbent practices. We see the Business aviation industry through a different pair of glasses and our vision is not focused on what was previously done; we rather have an idealistic view of what we should do in the future. By discussing these different points of view with our own generation at an event like One Young World, we are able to crystalize these new ideas with well-founded arguments, entering into constructive dialogues with the current leadership to nudge them towards future-driven solutions.

One day, we will no longer be young professionals, but we will be the next generation of leaders who can make a difference and lead by example

ln the long term, we will no longer be young professionals, but we will be the next generation of leaders who can make a difference and lead by example. By working towards an industrywide, common and sustainable vision from the start of our careers, we will become the change that this dynamic industry needs.

There are two main learnings that l want to gain from One Young World 2021. The first learning iregards how other industries, whether they are complimentary to Business aviation or not, see our industry’s efforts regarding sustainability. There will be people who have a positive feeling but there will also be people who have a mixed or even negative feeling. I’d love to discuss with my peers because there is no better tool to gain understanding and insight into opinions. ln the end l hope to convince everyone of the efforts that are being done within the industry as well as to learn how we might improve these efforts based on the collected input.

The second is more general, focusing on what other industries are doing to improve their sustainable footprint. What do they do – precisely – and how can it be extrapolated to Business aviation? I’m positive that with an open mindset, we as ambassadors of European Business aviation can return with interesting ideas that will have a positive effect on the future of our industry.


One Young World is a global charity that gathers together young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections and create positive change. The annual Summit stages talent from global and national companies, NGOs, universities and other forward-thinking organisations as well as world leaders, who debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for the pressing issues the world faces. This year’s Summit will host exceptional young leaders from 190+ countries, with 10 delegates from the business aviation industry attending, providing an opportunity to showcase the sector’s commitment to being a progressive and responsible corporate citizen.