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Aviation is not just a job, this is our passion

“Business aviation is a driver of the modern world,” says Vojtech Vaclavik, Senior OCC Dispatcher at ABS Jets and one of the 10 delegates to represent the business aviation industry at One Young World 2021.

In general, the aviation industry connects the world in its own unique way while adding great value to the global economy; if aviation was a country, it would be ranked 20th in size by GDP.

With this statistic in mind, I see Business aviation as a driver of the modern world. It is a highly dynamic sector that promotes technological innovations, and lets you have full control over your travel schedule. Moreover, safety, security, and sustainability are top priorities in Business aviation. We are implementing new technologies and new sustainable materials to reduce carbon dioxide emissions across the industry.

The aviation industry connects the world in its own unique way while adding great value to the global economy.

Business aviation is also a very stable sector, offering many jobs positions worldwide while also connecting many personalities who share the same love of aviation. Basically, this is not just a job, this is our lifetime passion.

Adapting to Business as YoPros

As millennials, we have a considerable advantage of being easily adaptable to new tech products, but we also grew up in the world of globalisation where technology was on the rise, changing our lives daily. We are always looking to see how we can implement new technologies or how to use new sustainable materials to reduce the environmental impact of aviation. Hopefully, one day, we will be using only alternative fuels (SAF) or sustainable, lightweight materials.

In addition, we are well aware of the biggest problems in this world, including climate change, the threat of ecological collapse, and discrimination. I am convinced that young professionals and leaders will always act responsibly and will respond to the current problems affecting our planet. I truly believe that young professionals and leaders will always be able to bring equality to increase opportunities of all sexes, races, or religions – today and in the future.

Over the last few years, we have seen many political and social crises that unfortunately have a big impact on the lives of many across the world. At One Young World 2021, I look forward to learning more about expected economic developments, and how this may affect our industry. I am also interested in learning how the world will deal with the 4th industrial revolution in the context of the global progress and also of building appropriate opportunities and facilities for education.

It will be my privilege to represent the Business aviation at One Young World 2021, and to meet my peers and mentors in Munich while we sharie our ideas to better this world.


One Young World is a global charity that gathers together young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections and create positive change. The annual Summit stages talent from global and national companies, NGOs, universities and other forward-thinking organisations as well as world leaders, who debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for the pressing issues the world faces. This year’s Summit will host exceptional young leaders from 190+ countries, with 10 delegates from the business aviation industry attending, providing an opportunity to showcase the sector’s commitment to being a progressive and responsible corporate citizen.