How Business Aviation can win back time for your organisation


Business aviation can win back time

“Business aviation is misunderstood and should rather be seen as a logical business decision,” says Niobe Derksen, Service Sales Associate at Textron Aviation and one of the 10 delegates to represent the business aviation industry at One Young World 2019.

To me, business aviation means being able to access a more advanced business tool to make faster, timely and strategic decisions without being limited with standard logistics. With that in mind, I believe that it should be considered a logical business decision. As the famous saying goes, time is money. An aircraft can win back the only thing that cannot be bought, and that is time.

Not being held back by the standard procedures of commercial airlines makes doing business much more flexible. It becomes a lot easier to fly into smaller airports closer to the intended destination. There are no wait times, no queues and no need to be at the airport significantly prior to board time.

As the famous saying goes, time is money.

Business aviation is misunderstood. For the right company using business aircraft as a business tool should be just as logical as buying brick and mortar or buying software to manage clients. With today’s technologies, business and meetings can continue onboard the aircraft. All the limits and time restraints normally imposed with travel no longer exist.

Short-term, young professionals bring new perspectives and enthusiasm to the industry. We can reflect on the new trends, new technologies and new ways of gathering and reflecting data, and can apply them to our new positions. We are able to support our teams by bringing unique ideas through our fresh perspective on the industry. We may see things that were not seen before. However, our generation also needs to see how the industry has developed and learn from mentors who have been in business aviation longer than we have. This will help us long-term as we learn from the past to understand the future.

Overall with the combination of fresh perspectives, enthusiasm and mentor guidance; we can create a stronger, more sustainable industry.


One Young World is a global charity that gathers together young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections and create positive change. The annual Summit stages talent from global and national companies, NGOs, universities and other forward-thinking organisations as well as world leaders, who debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for the pressing issues the world faces. This year’s Summit will host exceptional young leaders from 190+ countries, with 10 delegates from the business aviation industry attending, providing an opportunity to showcase the sector’s commitment to being a progressive and responsible corporate citizen.