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Every day is different

I’ve been interested in working for an airline since I was a child. Taking large groups of people from A to B, seeing new destinations; I want to see the world, says Charlotte Dielman, Certified Independent Flight Instructor.

I grew up right next to a runway, so ever since I was a baby I’ve been hearing, seeing and even smelling airplanes. Right after high school, I went to a flight school, and that was the first time I flew a small plane. I was 18 then.


Currently, I work as a flight instructor. A lot of people question whether flying with new students can be scary, but it’s not really. You can’t think of ‘bad’ things; you just go flying and that’s it.


At BAFA Flight School, my students include young people like me who want to become professional pilots. At other schools, it’s almost entirely men with an average age of 40 to 50 years old, who want to learn to fly as a hobby. We start with the basics, with briefings and explanations about how a plane flies, and go all the way to a student’s first solo flight, navigating with nothing but a map.

Becoming a flight instructor is the best decision I ever made because I’m flying several days a week and learning a lot.

I love my job because it’s always interesting, and every day is different. I learn a lot, my flight skills have gotten so much better, and I meet new people every day. As an instructor, it’s so satisfying to see your students improve and accomplish things they were incapable of just weeks before. It’s great to see them grow.