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Helping Young Professionals Break into Business Aviation

“To attract more young professionals to Business Aviation, we need to show more students what we are doing and what this unique industry has to offer,” suggests Mathijs Marttin, Maintenance Controller and Deputy Duty Manager at JetSupport, and one of the Business Aviation industry’s 10 Delegates to One Young World 2018.

In my current functions, I hold a number of responsibilities. As Maintenance Controller, I am responsible for the process around maintenance itself, with the goal to keep technicians working on the aircraft as much as possible while keeping track of financial and operation goals. As Deputy Duty Manager, I am the operational supervisor responsible for the roster, project planning, and handling of incoming customer requests.

In previous work experience at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), I researched process improvement and different improvement techniques within smaller aviation-related businesses. I took these learnings back with me to JetSupport. 

Today, as part of our adapted permanent learning concept, we embrace these innovations to adjust our company to future requirements. We honour best practice from our past work but know that we must stay open in this fast and ever-changing industry as customers demand smarter solutions. To keep the same high standards, as well as adapt to new challenges in quality systems, we need to keep improving. We do this in part with our collaboration with the AUAS. The university keeps us up-to-date with new techniques and research, and helps us to solve issues, while we provide a ‘living laboratory’ for the university to do research and hold lectures.

So another, extremely important aspect of my work at JetSupport is attracting more young professionals to the industry! By working with the university, we are able to show students and young professionals what Business Aviation has to offer. Our technologically advanced aircraft and the innovative business developments and improvements appeal to students. This, coupled with more promotion of young professionals through events and meetings, will present Business Aviation as an attractive option for future graduates and young people looking to break into aviation.

About One Young World and Business Aviation

One Young World is a global charity that gathers together young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections and create positive change. The annual Summit stages talent from global and national companies, NGOs, universities and other forward-thinking organisations as well as world leaders, who debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for the pressing issues the world faces. This year’s Summit will host over 1,800 exceptional young leaders, with 10 Delegates from the Business Aviation industry attending, providing an opportunity to showcase the sector’s commitment to be a progressive and responsible corporate citizen.