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Providing Special Mission Services To Support Those In Need

‘The challenging part of this business is that we do not know where our aircraft will be flying the day after tomorrow,’ says Siegried Axtmann, Chairman of FAI Aviation Group.

Apart from servicing VIP and VVIP clients on ultra-long-range jets, my work with FAI is in a niche portion of the Business Aviation industry called ‘special mission services.’ This area includes worldwide transport of patients via air ambulance, air support for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in hostile environments, helicopter services for oil and gas, and public work including police, surveillance and firefighting services.

FAI’s air ambulance service is a market leader for transcontinental transport of patients. In 2017, our fleet of Challenger 604s and Learjet 60s had more than 10,000 hours of airtime, airlifting 925 patients over 2,525,845 nautical miles. Our air ambulances picked up these patients from 357 destinations, including areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, with drop-offs in another 130 countries.

Because this is a pure ad-hoc business, we don’t know the destination from which tomorrow’s patient needs to be lifted.

FAI also operates line stations to support the world’s largest NGO in hostile areas. The typical set of a line station in such an area is one aircraft that can be used as a means of transport for diplomatic personnel or quickly converted into an air ambulance. Support staff at a line station include a flight crew, base manager and aircraft engineer, with a typical rotation schedule of two months on duty, one month off.

Due to the types of flights we provide, FAI requires experienced staff, both on the ground for planning and dispatch, and in the air with our pilots and medical teams. We are proud to provide these services to support those in need around the world.

About FAI Aviation Group

FAI operates a fleet of 11 aircraft in dedicated Air Ambulance Service plus a fleet of 2 aircraft providing Special Mission Services for the world´s largest NGO and 10 aircraft in VIP-Charter.

Furthermore, FAI is an approved Air Service Provider of ICRC (Intl. Committee of the Red Cross), WFP (World Food Program) and other global acting Health and Relief Organizations.


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