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There’s nothing like Business aviation for reactivity

“There are no single problems, there are only many solutions,” says Paul Tiba, Managing Director at Airlec and one of the 10 delegates to represent the business aviation industry at One Young World 2021.

In the USA, there’s a saying that a runway is the main highway of a city; there cannot be any kind of economic development without movements of persons and of goods, and for the movements of persons, there’s nothing like aviation

If you want to fly within Europe, it’s not that far. However, without an aircraft, it will take you few days to get to Vienna. So, for the modern world, aviation is a must-have to move. But its importance just not just about getting from point A to point B. We’ve seen its value over the last year. We’ve seen first-hand that that aviation saves many lives. In France, over 1200 patients were transferred using aviation. Airlec transferred 250 patients that had no access or place in a hospital without being moved by an aircraft. For reactivity, there’s nothing like Business aviation.

For the modern world, aviation is a must-have to move

As young professionals, we were born in a world where we must adapt much quicker than before. I think our generation will transform the world use our skills and passion for innovation to create greener solutions. In my view, the only way to have a better or greener world is to develop technology, something that the younger generations is used to as digital natives. For us – digitally speaking – there is no boundary.

I think that there is not a single problem, there are only many solutions, and I personally believe that these solutions will come from industries. Business aviation is not a world apart, and I am absolutely sure we can learn from different industries.

For example, I am an air ambulance operator, and I am lucky to see both the medical side and the aviation side on a daily basis. In my company, I bring a lot of perspectives from aviation to my healthcare colleagues, as they do for me. I truly believe that we can learn from each other. There are many points on which Business aviation is very advanced. However, there are always solutions that we can gain or learn from other industries that are heavily into technological solutions. This is where I believe that we have a lot to learn.

I’m excited to attend One Young World this year to learn from my peers and industry leaders. Our group of young professionals in Business aviation has much to share with the world, and I am really excited for the opportunity to expand my knowledge on other industries while searching for new solutions.


One Young World is a global charity that gathers together young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections and create positive change. The annual Summit stages talent from global and national companies, NGOs, universities and other forward-thinking organisations as well as world leaders, who debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for the pressing issues the world faces. This year’s Summit will host exceptional young leaders from 190+ countries, with 10 delegates from the business aviation industry attending, providing an opportunity to showcase the sector’s commitment to being a progressive and responsible corporate citizen.