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Why Business Aviation matters

A symbol of European excellence, Business Aviation is a dynamic sector which fosters technical innovation and environmental stewardship across the full value chain, from manufacturers to operators. It provides highly skilled jobs and increases economic growth both within the industry and the local communities around the airports.

Business Aviation is a specialised travel solution and investment strategy, enabling people to meet face-to-face when time and efficiency matters most. It allows users to have full control over their schedule and travel to at least three times more destinations in Europe than airlines – many of which are not served by other forms of air travel. This leads to productivity gains, whilst also connecting communities in remote places, boosting their economic growth in the process.

For travellers

Business Aviation enables more efficient and productive face-to-face interactions when time matters the most.

For the European economy

Business Aviation is an important contributor to the European job market and its economy.

For society

Business Aviation seamlessly connects distant and remote regions, spurring investment and the growth of business and communities in these regions.

For the environment

Business Aviation fosters environmental stewardship across the full value chain and is gearing up to meet its carbon neutral growth targets by 2020.

For safety & security

Safety and security are top priorities for the Business Aviation sector, which has adopted ambitious voluntary measures to ensure that airports, aircraft, pilots and passengers are safe and secure.