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Business Aviation’s offer to the next generation

Those of us who work in Business Aviation consider the industry to be accessible, pioneering, desirable and indispensable. Our survey of Millennials shows that they only have a partial sense of what we do.
By Jürgen Wiese – Chairman, EBAA

Not only is Business Aviation a larger sector than many Millennials might assume, encompassing a wide range of activities, but it is also an industry that can offer a wealth of opportunities for young people.

Business Aviation is only partially about privately-owned or chartered planes. It also covers government flights on government-owned or wholly chartered planes; flights for cargo, packaging or spare part shipments; and charter helicopters.

And that’s not all. Business Aviation also encompasses flights for the medical sector, support flights for disaster relief and operations in hostile areas, including dedicated work for NGOs. These activities may well surprise Millennials, and are also likely to respond to their idealism, as they seek to make a tangible difference to the world we inhabit.

Business Aviation is well-suited to providing Millennials with exciting job opportunities.

Many surveys, including our own, have shown what Millennials want from an employer – great pay and benefits, real challenges and opportunities for growth, flexible working arrangements and international exposure. Few employers can offer all of these benefits. Business Aviation, however, is uniquely positioned to do so.

Business Aviation is at the forefront of innovation. It is growing fast and developing a wide range of exciting positions. It offers on-the-job training, while giving people diverse and challenging responsibilities.

Business Aviation is also adapting to new technological, economic and social shifts. It is responding to clear environmental imperatives while offering the chance to travel the world.

We believe not only in staying on top of the latest trends, but in leading them. We are confident that Business Aviation offers Millennials exciting opportunities to grow and flourish. Simply put: we’re ready for the next generation to join us in flying people around the world!