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Business Aviation connects places and people

Business Aviation boasts an incredible fleet of aircraft and technology. But at its heart, Business Aviation is about people; enabling connections and efficiently transporting people to locations that are often otherwise not easily or rapidly reached.

While commercial aviation spans much of the globe with its vast hub and spoke system, there are still many communities and small local airports unreachable by airline carriers. These areas may be sparsely populated or too far “off the beaten path” to justify the business case for a commercial route.


Not so for Business Aviation. Activating this dense web of connections is core to the sector. Simply put, with Business Aviation, you will get where you need to go.

As Business Aviation connects distant and remote regions, it spurs investment and the growth of business across Europe.

In the European Business Aviation Association’s 2018 Economic Value and Business Benefits Report, the industry’s benefits were quantified in three broad ways:

Business Aviation improves connectivity across Europe

The industry serves 25,280 European city or area pairs not connected by non-stop commercial flights, which represent about 31% of total city pairs analysed. In other words, one in three connections permitted by Business Aviation is not currently linked by any direct commercial flight. The connection would not exist without this industry.

Business Aviation enables economic growth

Some 374,000 European jobs are either directly or indirectly dependent on the industry – more than the total number of jobs in Cyprus. The industry has an output of €87 billion and makes €32 billion in gross value added (GVA), which equals the total GVA of Latvia. It also spends €25 billion on salaries.

Business Aviation yields efficiencies

This vital sector provides valuable benefits for employers, employees and customers. Its flights save an average of 127 minutes across all European point-to-point flight routes, when compared with the fastest commercial transportation alternative. Around 20% of Business Aviation flights result in more than five hours of time saved than their best commercial alternative due to delays avoided and time saved in airport procedures.

More than meets the eye

Business Aviation is about transporting individuals, entrepreneurs, medical services providers, companies, government officials, and potential investors to communities large and small, to spur jobs, growth and opportunities to be enjoyed by all.