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Business Aviation: Helping the Paris Region Thrive

Business Aviation is more than bringing individuals from destination A to destination B. It enables economic growth and creates job opportunities, provides a lifeline between urban and remote communities and remains a solid business investment. This month brings us to the Paris region in France, where Business Aviation is shown to be an efficient gateway to the rest of the world.

With France as a key player in the Business Aviation industry, it’s no surprise that the Paris region is one of Europe’s main hubs. With Le Bourget airport, the Pontoise and Toussus-Le-Noble airfields and the Issy-les-Moulineaux heliport in downtown Paris, this region remains a driver of Business Aviation.

Jobs, jobs, jobs

With 183 business aircraft and helicopters based in the Paris region alone, there are a total of 2,268 direct employees in Business Aviation supporting their operation and maintenance. On top, indirect and induced jobs account for 2,686 additional employees, bringing the total job contribution of Business Aviation in Paris to 4,954. Consequently, the total amount of Business Aviation-related jobs in the Paris region account for about 39% in France and 2.6% in Europe.

Time is on our side

Using Business Aviation over commercial aviation can save a significant amount of time. In fact, flying to and from Paris with a business aircraft was averaged to be 179 minutes quicker than flying with a commercial plane. When taking 64,348 flights into account, the median time saved was 147 minutes.

Fly directly to your destination

For the Paris area over a one-year sample (2014 data), Business Aviation enables travellers to fly direct to an additional 488 destinations (an increase of 370%) as compared with regularly scheduled non-stop commercial aviation (which connects Paris to just 132 destinations).