Business aviation is reaching out to new talent to fly with it!


Business aviation is reaching out to new talent to fly with it!

With an estimated need for 50,000 pilots by 2028, and even more new hires required for maintenance, engineering, manufacturing and flight operations jobs, business aviation is steadily organising career events across Europe to spread the word about the many unique opportunities available within this relatively unknown industry.

With increasing public demand for more ecological methods of travel, opportunities to break into business aviation as a career are ever-widening. The industry has become the perfect flying testbed for breakthrough technologies such as Sustainable Alternative Fuels, and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. And this relentless innovation requires talent!

“Business aviation is competing fiercely with other industries for skilled employees – particularly in the fields of engineering, analytics and computing,” says EBAA Secretary-General Athar Husain Khan. “A key priority, therefore, is to attract and retain a diverse and technology-savvy workforce. And to do that, the industry must continue to create dynamic prospects across the board, in each of these fields.”

We must attract a diverse and technology-savvy workforce.
EBAA Secretary-General Athar Husain Khan

The search is on and the time is ripe!

A new generation of workers with a greater sense of environmental and social responsibility is entering the job market, and the next chapter in business aviation’s story is thus being written. The sector is taking heed of the heightened sense of communal responsibility felt by Millennials and Gen Xers and is harnessing that energy to spearhead new initiatives.

This year, EBAA will send, for the second year in a row, 10 industry delegates to the annual One Young World forum to represent the sector. The young business aviation professionals will have the opportunity to network with fellow YoPros, activists and politicians, with whom they can discuss business aviation’s current commitments and initiatives, and from whom they can learn new ideas and holistic approaches that benefit both society and industry.

With a new breed of professionals poised to re-shape the sector, the horizon for business aviation is expanding indeed!