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Destination Munich: A Study on BizAv

Despite being coined ‘Business Aviation’, the industry services much more than business. Contributing to humanitarian relief, government transport, serving remote communities and providing air ambulance services are just a few examples of what Business Aviation additionally offers society. This month we fly to Munich, Germany, to explore one of the country’s busiest hubs.

Surpassing the German capital in Business Aviation activity, this city is one of the most important Business Aviation epicentres. The region comprises the following airports, airfields and aviation cities: Munich Airport, Oberpfaffenhofen Airport, Pullach, Augsburg Airport, Oberhaching, Hallbergmoos, Landshut.

Working hard

13% of the German business aircraft fleet is established in and around Munich, totalling 1,341 direct jobs for Business Aviation. Indirectly, this results in 4,888 direct, indirect and induced employees working in Business Aviation in the Bavaria region – maintaining 14% of the national share and 2.5% of the European share.

Die deutsche Pünktlichkeit (German punctuality!)

When comparing Business Aviation to Commercial Aviation, the biggest differentiator between the two is time: the average time savings offered by Business Aviation when flying to or from Munich was 189 minutes, with a median of 165 minutes for 16,959 flights.

On the grid

Commercial Aviation connects Munich with 127 destinations worldwide. Thanks to Business Aviation, an additional 308 destinations can be reached on top!