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In Geneva, aviation means business!

Serving remote communities, helping businesses of all sizes, creating job opportunities, providing humanitarian relief… these are just a few examples of what Business Aviation brings to the table. The region featured this month is Geneva, one of the most important Business Aviation hubs in Switzerland – even more so than Zurich.

The Geneva region, including the Annemasse Airfield in France, is a chief player for Business Aviation in Switzerland with 22% of Swiss Business Aviation aircraft based there.


Geneva is home to a considerable amount of jobs in the sector, totalling to 1,226 direct jobs for maintenance and operations. Jobs indirectly related to Business Aviation in the region amount to four times as much, yielding an impressive 4,752 of total employees along the value chain. The total amount of Business Aviation-related jobs in the Geneva region account for 26% for the whole of Switzerland, and 2.5% in Europe.


It’s a general fact that Business Aviation can save a flyer a significant amount of time compared with other air transport options. Flying to and from Geneva was averaged to be 188 minutes faster than flying with a commercial airline. When taking 37,320 flights into account, the median time saved was 148 minutes.


In the Geneva area, Business Aviation has added 461 destinations over a one-year sample (2014 data) – an increase of 659%. This compared to regularly scheduled non-stop commercial aviation, connecting Geneva to only 70 destinations.