Young professionals making a long-term impact in business aviation


Be the change: young professionals making a long-term impact in business aviation

To be challenged to make an impact in business that is at once positive, sustainable and profitable would be a daunting task, for even the most seasoned professional. So how can young professionals do it?

Well, it starts with opportunity, motivation and an idea.

Last year, 10 delegates from within the European business aviation industry received all three when they attended the One Young World summit in The Hague. There, in the company of captains of industry, heads of state, leaders of NGOs, renowned activists and motivated peers, they were inspired to take seeds of ideas and adapt and nurture them to create a project that could transform an entire industry.

The result? This May, the ten delegates pitched a landmark sustainability programme for the global business aviation industry, called STARS, to a panel of industry leaders. The aim? To gain industrywide support for their proposal and lay the groundwork for full programme implementation.

Make it happen

“At first, we didn’t know if anything we were going to see at One Young World would be relevant to what we can do in our industry,” explains 2018 delegate Patrick Müry, Cat Aviation, and one of the programme’s presenters. “After seeing all of the important community and company projects that others were doing, and realising that starting small can still make a big impact, our delegation knew we had to do something. More importantly, we learned that we could do something.”

The significance of purpose

Beyond providing opportunities for young professionals within business aviation to demonstrate their leadership abilities, industry Associations like the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) in the US are also working hard to entice the next generation of workforce. To that end, how do the values demonstrated by companies impact their ability to attract young employees?

“When we consider workforce development in business aviation, we have to focus on topics that are important to the next generation, which include environmental sustainability, education and philanthropic efforts,” says Sierra Grimes, senior manager of registration and NBAA liaison to the Young Professional (YoPro) Council.

I’m young and motivated! How can I make a difference?

1. Speak up – no matter what field you’re in, business aviation needs to hear your voice. Join the conversation with others looking to enact change.

2. Learn about other initiatives the business aviation industry is working in order to meet environmental goals.

3. Dive in – are you working in business aviation for an EBAA member? Apply for a delegate spot at the One Young World Summit 2020! You’ll learn from the best and be able to bring back lessons to apply directly to your job, and may even develop another game-changing programme that the industry needs.