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Business Aviation is a sector made for Millennials

At ThinkYoung, the research agency I founded in 2007, we make it our mission to find out what young people are thinking. When we know what’s on their minds, we can advocate for them more effectively.
By Andrea Gerosa, ThinkYoung Founder and Chief Thinker

With the EBAA survey, ‘Expanding Horizons: How Millennials see the Future of Business Aviation’, we now know what they really think about the industry. If there is one thing that emerges from their answers, it’s this: Business Aviation is a sector that could have been made for Millennials.


Millennials have values and interests that they cherish: they love being able to travel where and when they want, they are early adopters of new technologies, and they believe strongly in a cleaner environment.


These are also the values and interests of Business Aviation.


This is a sector that is, by definition, taking people to places that might otherwise be inaccessible – and thanks to e-commerce and apps – chartering a business aircraft has never been easier.

Business Aviation is a pioneering industry that is constantly investing in research and technology to continue to shape the future of personal air transport.

And this is a community committed to developing sustainable technologies to lower carbon emissions and reduce its impact on environmental resources.

Diverse, agile and open

Another characteristic of Millennials is, like many younger generations, their informality. They are much less likely to stick with established procedures and traditions, and they are much more open and tolerant.


Again, Business Aviation matches their character. The market is broad and competitive, so companies must constantly innovate and adapt. No one can afford to rest on their laurels. The ones that respond best to new ideas and perspectives are the ones most likely to succeed. Business Aviation, with its wide range of roles and opportunities, is interested in attracting talent from all backgrounds.

Millennials are rarely asked what they think, but they will determine our future.

EBAA has looked two steps ahead by asking the next generation for their opinions on the future of transport, and by pledging to take their messages on board. But, because they are already aligned in so many ways, I can see Millennials and Business Aviation enjoying a long and fruitful relationship.