Want a peek inside the future of personal air transport?

Business Aviation is a pioneering industry at the forefront of technological innovation. Our upcoming mega trends survey report, to be published in May 2018, will look at the trends, behaviour and movements shaping mobility and how millennials see the future of sustainable personal air transport.

Five mega trends will influence future mobility trends and Sustainable Personal Air Transport:

  • Urbanisation
  • Climate change
  • Digitisation
  • Ride-sharing
  • Artificial Intelligence

Innovative technologies are impacting all aspects of future mobility, including ground, water and air transport, and the digital revolution is accelerating changes across the travel industry. Social attitudes are also changing when it comes to sustainability requirements, sharing opportunities and automated driving.

Business Aviation is part of this technological development, constantly anticipating and adapting to society’s needs with pioneering solutions. In the past these have included the invention of collision avoidance systems, ground proximity warning sys­tems and severe weather detection units. And more recently Business Aviation has been at the forefront, deploying cutting-edge technology such as Heads-Up Displays and Synthetic Vision systems. Of course, Business Aviation can be expected to pilot the future of air transport too, with electric and hybrid aircraft, supersonic jets and drone technology.

With that in mind, the industry is currently surveying 18-25-year olds across Europe to hear their views about the new ecosystem of mobility and the future of sustainable personal air transport.

Our trailblazing report will be published May 23 on the occasion of the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland. Watch this space!

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