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The Next Aviation Revolution

Lilium is ready to change aviation. "We will bring high-speed, short-range air travel to Europe and beyond."

By Remo Gerber, Lilium Chief Commercial Officer

The creators of Lilium Jet contributed to the European Business Aviation Association’s ground-breaking report on How Millennials view the future of Business Aviation. Read their contribution below….

Our flights will have zero emissions and, in time, offer a price comparable to today’s ground taxis.

There are three key challenges posed by conventional aviation:

  1. 01. Horizontal flight is cheap, but requires expensive airports and infrastructure
  2. 02. Helicopters are agile and require no large infrastructure, but are noisy and very expensive to operate
  3. 03. Environmental concerns (entirely justified) demand a reduction in emissions

The Lilium Jet solves these challenges. It is a five-seater aircraft that will fly up to 300km per hour, using 100% electric power, with a range of up to 300km on a single charge. Lilium’s impact over ultra-short distances will be significant – 70km in 15 minutes – with journeys from city centres to out-of-town airports slashed to just a few minutes.

How will we do this?

It’s fully electric, so it generates zero-emissions when it flies.

By embedding 36 jet engines into the wings – and allowing those wing flaps to swivel – we can transition the jet mid-flight. So we can switch from the advantages of a helicopter to all the advantages of a fixed-wing jet aircraft in just a few seconds. The 36 engines are quiet and highly efficient, hence the extraordinary range as well as the speed.

Lilium combines both the economies of horizontal flight and the agility of a helicopter to land and take off vertically. This is called VTOL – vertical take-off and landing. But with Lilium, you will then fly forwards as if in a conventional aeroplane. Our prototype has already flown in the skies above Munich, Germany.

Take a look at this video – you’ll see a fixed-wing aircraft that needs no runway and a vertical take-off.

Indeed, it needs little more infrastructure than a helipad: you could operate it from a building, field, or a carpark. At scale, the Lilium service could cost about the same per passenger as a ground taxi.

Look at a map wherever you are right now and draw a 100 km radius. Imagine being able to get anywhere within that radius in around 20 minutes, with virtually no ground infrastructure.

This isn’t just a transport revolution, it’s social change.

Lilium’s technology is coming soon. We’re ready. Are you? For more information, got to

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